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02 July 2015

Cavaro - Second Chance (feat. Dominique)

EDM producer and DJ Cavaro announces the release of his original production “Second Chance” featuring 22-year-old NYC based singer/songwriter Dominique. The long-awaited debut from the Colombian native is already climbing the iTunes charts and stirring up a buzz among his fans. One Cavaro fan on Soundcloud raves, “Vocals are intoxicating with the pulsing bass,” while another adds “Great sounding vocals. Digging the backing instrumental as well. Love the synths used!”

Known for his highly popular remixes of renowned songs such as “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again,” Cavaro delivers his latest original production called ‘Second Chance,’ a song that integrates conflicting and intense melodies, a mixture of various elements that generate a hypnotizing and pleasurable atmosphere.

Take a listen at the track below, and if you like it you can pre-order it at this link.  Also make sure to follow Cavaro on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ;)


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