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26 April 2012

Top 3 Sexy Music Videos (April 2012)

The songs I will present you in this article might not be the best house tracks in the world, but that's not even the intention. With this article I want to show you the sexiest Dance Music Videos of the moment! So we are not here to discuss the quality of the music, but the quality of the girls! :)

In general House Music Videos are known to be full with sexy and almost naked girls and with so many videos to choose from, it was really difficult to make this Top 3. But after lots and lots of researching, here are the hottest videos of this month ;)

Number 3: Tom Boxer & Morena - Voulez Vous (feat Meital de Razon)

Morena is a really tall and really sexy Romanian singer, and in this video we can see her having fun with 2 other hot chicks. After lots of singing, dancing and shopping they go to the beach for some more fun. Watch the video carefully, because at the end there is also some kissing between the girls ;)


Number 2: Anna Lesko feat. Gilberto - Go Crazy

I have to admit that girls in my country are really hot, so the next sexy music video belongs to a Romanian singer too. She is Anna Lesko and she had many videos in the last years. But this is definitely the hottest..and the song sounds good too! ;)

Number 1: Neon Hitch - F U Betta

The song is quite nice, her voice sounds just like Britney Spears but the best part of this video is her body! We can see this hot redhead girl in many sexy outfits and positions, and I'm sure that most of the guys will appreciate this Sexy Music Video!


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